Vaibhav Anand

(vab-huv AH-nund)


I am a Ph.D. candidate in Risk Management and Insurance (with minor in Economics) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

My broad research interests include decision making under risk, climate risk management, and reinsurance. I use empirical methods to study how people and firms make risk management decisions. My research uses large longitudinal data sets that provide rich variation across space, time, and subjects to answer research questions. My current work focuses on the implications of weather forecasts for risk management.

My teaching interests are closely aligned with my research and professional experience. I can teach courses in risk management and insurance, corporate risk management, insurance economics, and business analytics. I have teaching experience in introductory business analytics.

In my earlier avatar, I worked for nine years in financial services and risk management industry. My last role was the Director and Head of Risk Analytics at Northern Arc Capital (formerly IFMR Capital). For my professional resume, you can visit my Linkedin page.

email: firstname[dot]lastname[at]wisc[dot]edu