Published Papers

Paying for Expertise: The Effect of Experience on Reinsurance Demand with J. Tyler Leverty and Kenny Wunder,  Journal of Risk and Insurance,  Vol 88, Issue 3: 727-756, 2021. 

Optimizing Forecast-based Actions for Extreme Rainfall Events with Jonathan Lala (lead author), Juan Bazo, and Paul Block. Climate Risk Management, Vol 34 (2021) 100374

Working Papers

The Value of Forecast Improvements: Evidence from Advisory Lead Times and Vehicle Crashes (2022)

Forthcoming presentation: Stanford Preparing for a Changing Climate Conference, April 2023, Stanford, CA; Midwest Economic Association (MEA) Annual Meeting, March-April 2023, Cleveland, Ohio

Past presentations: Colorado University Environmental & Resource Economics Workshop 2022, Vail, CO; Western Economic Association (WEAI) Annual Meeting 2022, Portland, OR (Virtual); American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) Annual Meeting 2022, Long Beach, CA.

Forecast-based Financing for Risk Mitigation (2022)

Research in Progress

Weather Stations and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Historical Data in the US (with Honglin Li) Forthcoming presentation: Midwest Economic Association (MEA) Annual Meeting, March-April 2023, Cleveland, Ohio; Past Presentations: Eastern Economic Association (EEA) Annual Meetings, February 2023, New York, NY

Determinants of Risk Mitigation Actions: Evidence from Public Advisories and COVID-Induced Shocks (with Mark Browne and Xiao (Joyce) Lin)

Weather Forecasts and Industrial Profitability: Evidence from Monsoon Forecasts and Industry Survey in India (with Maulik Jagnani)

Implications of Forecast Improvements for Insurance Demand